::: s t 1 t c h :::

the railway prophecies


::: st1tch ::: was created in collaboration with the mctavish quilting studio

this work was an episode in the larger 2015-2016 railway prophecies series funded by the the jerome foundation and extended the project ::: b r 1 N k :::.

st1tch was projected into the studio nightly during June 2016, was part of the collaborative performance / quilt show st1tch ::: red @ the red herring bar on november 12, 2016, and as "br1Nk ::: st1tch," won 3rd place in the the 61st arrowhead regional biennial (an exhibit of juried work from artists across the upper midwest)

video work samples

st1tch ::: screen recording
st1tch ::: the machine
installation documentation


technology used


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