radiø plutø


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radiø plutø was a cross-media collaboration between the following artists:

i acted as an orchestrator / choreographer / media weaver. the project resulted in acres of film, sculpture, 2d work, sound, poetry ... a memorable journey together ... a caravan of sorts ...

sound, video, still, word samples were taken from locations we vistied & became part of the fabric for the whole.

past events

film samples

see the collection on ::: vimeo

work sample for the american composers forum salon at studio z

spoken word by rodrigo bello, erika mock & rocky makes room

arches sample
rear view window sample
gardner building sample
red window sample
installation sample ::: at carbon chroma
installation sample ::: at the lyric


(some initial sketches, fleeting thoughts ...) a transmission barely beating static ... low hum hidden codes a signal or pulse a faraway station some long ago message a memory blue planet last bird telegraphed warnings distant memory stuttered thoughts a paper a bottle a shore broadcast from pluto lonely planet banished planet cold planet vacant building there were voices gray birds there were ghosts blue windows cold coffee cold hands shadows dusty salvation red neon black skies antennas short wave receivers theramin sirens / dream songs a typewriter late night manuscripts manifestos & broken plates cold coffee blue boat red caravan sanctified nomads wandering knapsacks cinematic looms wireless telegraphy electrostatic coupling lightning detectors glass tubes & iron filaments an experiment save the world turn back the clock's relentless grinding moloch's pale teeth iron gears & scythe first lighthouse fire & mirror first transmission isle of wright radio transistor charcoal light wire wood steel celluloid digits pigment graphite vellum canvas rope threads filaments cloth reeds lines language to pierce to etch to fold to weave to imprint to scrawl to stain to speak friction a loose band of thieves crows with broken suitcases pickpocket orchestration flea market galleries dimly lit hallways a can of paint an alley a wall night drawing