night train / blue window

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film & book ::: presented at the prøve gallery in duluth, mn on 2012-03-19.



night train / blue window

sound from the installation (compiled into a single-channel version) :::


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the book

This book is a companion to an abstract, experimental film also called "night train / blue window." The film and text both center on the ill-fated efforts of a bird named pullman to turn back time to before that day in 1914 when the last passenger pigeon, Martha, died in a cage in the Cincinnati Zoo.

Gary Boelhower writes: "Part of my meditation this morning was night train/blue window. This book is a searing song of loss, grief flame, black hole whole and somehow, somehow, somehow hope. In the reading and seeing, your body may become cage bound, zoo lost, saddened with each dry seed to keep the body's light flying against the dark. You may come to remember that you are holy flame holy wheel holy holy holy. You may learn to say the name of Martha as the sun breaks or moon shines, to say the name of Martha for all of us who are carriers. McTavish gives us the story, the hymn, the lamentation, the praise song, the train, the blue window. This train will take you... "

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ISBN: 978-0-9843777-6-3
Distributor: Ingram

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