the zen of asynchronous webs


I specialize in creating agile, fluid, asynchronous systems and am passionate about web standards, modular development and the power of open source tools.

For over a decade I have immersed in evolving semantic web technologies. My goal is to facilitate collaboration and to create lean, accessible, adaptive software that helps you gather, share, visualize and draw insight from the information that surrounds you everyday.

Initially I worked with a Java, SQL (primarily PostgreSQL), XML / XSLT / HTML / CSS / Javascript technology set. Recently I have shifted to specialize in nodeJS / expressJS, NoSQL (primarily MongoDB), JSON, Javascript, and HTML5 / CSS3.

I have developed creative solutions to:

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the school of impermanence

I offer classes in web technologies (nodeJS / expressJS, NoSQL (primarily MongoDB), JSON, Javascript, and HTML5 / CSS3), information design, functional programming, art / tech fusions and project management.